My current research interests are on the following domains:

  1. The development of research methodologies of a computational nature to social science problems, in particular, in behavioural science research.

  2. The use of ‘big experimentations’ (large scale experiments) in the social sciences.

  3. Applications of evolutionary thinking in sociology.

Articles in peer-reviewed journals

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Scientific reports

  • Francisco Lupiáñez-Villanueva, George Gaskell, Pietro Tornese, José Vila, Yolanda Gómez, Anthony Allen, Giuseppe Veltri and Cristiano Codagnone (2018).Behavioural study on the transparency of online platforms. Brussels: Office for Official Publications of the European Commission, 2018. ISBN: 978-92-9200-879-6.

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  • Codagnone, C., Bogliacino, F., Veltri, G.(2013) Testing  CO2 Car labelling options and consumer information}. Office for Official Publications of the European Commission. Luxembourg. 10.13140/2.1.5099.2327

Research grants

  • 2020. Horizon 2020. Project Grant: 2,789,000 Euros. Project name ISEED. WP5.

  • 2020. Horizon 2020. Project Grant: 10,000,000. Euro Project name PERISCOPE (Pan-European Response to the ImpactS of Covid-19 and future Pandemics and Epidemics). WP5 Behavioural research

  • 2018. Horizon 2020. Project grant: Euro 3,999,860 Project name: SOPs4RI (Standard Operating Procedures for Research Integrity), WP on Digital research integrity. Type: CSA. WP Budget: Euro 117,500.

  • DG CHAFEA. (2017) Behavioural Study on the Transparency of Online Platforms. Value: Euro 400,000.

  • DG ENV (2016). Assessment of different communication vehicles for providing Environmental Footprint information. Value: Euro 500,000.

  • British Academy - Newton International Grant. Increasing awareness of safe driving through social media in Malaysia. Value = GBP 75,000

  • 2015. Horizon 2020. HORIZON 2020. Project grant: Euros 2,724,473. WP Budget: Euros 274,563. Project: Re.Cri.RE. Type: RIA. WP on online public opinion analysis using ‘Big Data’.

  • Senior Research staff,``Framework Contract on Behavioural Studies’’,European Commission EAHC/2011/CO/01,Euro 10,000,000, January 15,~2012 to December 31,~2016.

  • DG SANCO 2014: Study on marketing to children through social media, online games and mobile applications. Value: Euros 530,000.

  • DG SANCO 2013: Study on online gambling and adequate measures for the protection of consumers of gambling services. Value: Euros 316,000

  • DG SANCO 2012/2013: Study on tobacco labelling and packaging. Value: Euros 285,000

  • DG CLIMA 2012/2013: Study on testing CO2 Car Labelling options and consumer information. Value: Euros 275,000

  • JRC IPTS 2012/2013: Using social media to nudge increased physical activity in young citizens. Value: Euros 30,000